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Thank god it’s remastered!

The sound quality is breathtaking and far surpasses the previous editions on CD

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California, August 1978 is the date the disco film « Thank God it’s Friday » was released. The shooting took place in Los Angeles and was directed by Robert Klane and produced by the legendary Motown Productions and Casablanca Filmworks for Columbia Pictures.

The story is as short as SMS: Friday night at the discotheque « Zoo »: a disparate public is given an appointment in what is called then a « disco Nightclub » of Hollywood. The distribution is worth seeing, with Jeff Goldblum and numerous « guest stars » as The Commodores and Donna Summer. Nicole, the singer who hopes that night to start a successful career and she succeeds.

« An extraordinary collection of disco hits »

In 1978, the choice of title was not really clever. They choose « Friday » after the popular success of « Saturday Night Fever ». Even with this decision, « Thank God it’s Friday » was still highly criticized, particularly from those who did not go see this movie. And that’s a shame. The soundtrack which is still well known to this day, is an extraordinary collection of disco hits including some not found elsewhere. Love & Kisses, Diana Ross and famous Lovin ‘Livin’ and Givin ‘, Thelma Houston, Paul Jabara, etc. And inevitably Donna Summer who plays her awesome « Last Dance, » which won a « Academy Award for Best Song » in 1979. Unusually, « Thank God it’s Friday » was a triple disk which was very unusual in 1978! This soundtrack was also available for a long period of time.

I was lucky to find this disco grail years later, shortly before the arrival of the digital age. An old double CD reissue was for sale up to today and in high demand on internet sites.

Thank You Culture Factory!

I can not thank enough this person somewhere in a record company, who had this fantastic idea to rerelease « Thank God it’s Friday » completely remastered through the « CD Deluxe Vinyl Replica » series. The sound quality is breathtaking and far surpasses the previous editions on CD! Worth to obtain immediately because for once, « Limited Edition » finally makes sense.


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You can get this album on Culture Factory USA’s website or extend your music experience on their Facebook page, a gold mine of information for lovers of the disk.

Culture Factory USA inc.

Culture Factory France

© Visuels avec l’aimable autorisation de Culture Factory France. Présentation et photo ChronicleFred.
Réédition France/USA de « Thank God it’s Friday » : le 28 octobre 2013.
© Visuels CD Culture Factory
© Visuel LP © 1978 Columbia Pictures. A division of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
Edition originale 1978 Casablanca Records & FilmWorks, Inc.
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